A Computational Algorithm for Sustaining ‘Spatialised’ Communication

Title: “A Computational Algorithm for Sustaining ‘Spatialised’ Communication”

PhD Research Summary – Mauro Cherubini

Communication has suffered from the clearing of spatial references since the invention of the telephone or the radio. Nevertheless, spatial informations are used all the time by the agents-in-relation to reconstitute the context of the messages exchange. The effect is an economy of the whole interchange process. The aim of this research is to understand by which mechanisms this happen. Particularly, the focus will be on the shared knowledge construction. Subsequently, and as a proof technique, a formalisation attempt will frame these possibly uncovered processes into an algorithm. The goal will be to replicate, to some extent, human reasoning and sustain communication exchange when applied to real time interaction.

An implementation of this algorithm will be applied, tested and refined in a geographical messaging system developed by an English firm called Proboscis (see http://urbantapestries.net).

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