Foresight Exchange

After this morning discussion with Fab and Zeno, about what journalism will be like in 2014, I found this interesting on-line community portal where members are required to be explicit and systematic on their opinions in the form of bets made on a standardised form of predictions.

The Foresight Exchange is a new form of entertainment. It combines the real-time interactive potential of the World Wide Web with a game of predictive skill. The basic idea behind the Foresight Exchange(FX) is making bets. The purpose in FX is to bet wisely on future events and place your bets to achieve the highest score. At the Foresight Exchange you bet against the other players.

For more details about this play-money futures market, see:
Hanson, R. (1990). Could gambling save science: Encouraging an honest consensus. Eighth International Conference on Risk and Gambling, London.

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