While reading the paper on how space structure language, I have been thinking about a way to display graphically the connections between paper, ideas, people, books, url, etc.

At first I was planning to do it myself, implementing a plugin for MovableType, which should have provided an SVG functionality for the search engine. My idea was to provide a graphical output to the search functionality of the database. Unfortunately this solution had lots of limitation like the fact that was not possible to give a meaning to the connections between the objects.

So googling around i found this project: ideagraph

IdeaGraph is easy-to-use software for creating visual maps of ideas, that can work with web pages, documents and images. You can also incorporate information from news channels, and blog, and lots of other fun things. It is a cutting-edge tool that uses Semantic Web technologies.

The two key features of this project is that it works great in multiplatform (jthoon) and that it can export in XML and SVG the results.