List of ‘Idea Labs’

Here is a list of “idea labs” around the country/world. It is a list of places where they carry out work very similar to what is done at MIT Media Lab – lots of engineering, design and rapid prototyping/fabrication for projects that push the envelope of technology and its application to our lives.


D-Lab/Media-X/CDR, Stanford,

Infolab, Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois,

Information Sciences Institute/Institute for Creative Technologies, Los Angeles,

Georgia Tech GVU, Atlanta, GA,

Human-Computer Interaction Institute, CMU, Pittsburgh,

CMU Entertainment Technology Center, CMU, Pittsburgh,

NYU Interactive Telecommunications Program, NYC,

Berkeley Institute of Design, Berkeley, CA,

Four Eyes Lab, UCSB, CA,


MIT Media Lab, Cambridge, MA,

MERL – Mistubishi Electric Research Laboratories –

Palo Alto Research Center, Palo Alto, CA,

Eyebeam, NYC,

Applied Minds in L.A.,

Yahoo! Design Innovation Team,

Idea Lab,

Willow Garage, Menlo Park, CA,

Squid Labs, Berkely, CA,

Institute for Human- and Machine Cognition, Pensacola, FL,

Accenture Technology Labs,

IBM Research,

Docomo Communications Labs,


Innovation Lab, Denmark,

medialab prado madrid, spain,

v2 rotterdam, holland,

interactive institutes, sweden,

ars electroncia futurelab, linz, austria,

fabrica, treviso, italy,

c3, budapest, hungary,

distance lab, scotland (former ML europe staff),

art+com, berlin, germany,

meso, frankfurt, germany,

Knowledge Media Institute, Milton Keynes, UK,

HumLab Blog, Sweden,

ITRI Creativity Lab, Taiwan,

Sony Computer Science Lab, Paris and Tokyo,

DFKI, Saarbrucken, Germany,

Creativity & Cognition Studios, University of Technology Sydney, Australia,

Mobile Life, Stockholm, Sweden,

Studio Creatif, France Telecom, France,

HITLabNZ, New Zealand,

Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, Korea,

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