social network analysis

Patrick Jermann worked for his PhD thesis on the social network analysis with the specific question of How does a group regulate. I need to find a very specified question being close to the CSCL field. For example we can envision Dynamic scripts which can adapt on-the-fly to group dynamics and facilitate the collaborative learning. I need to find a very specific matching of location and activity: why collaborating on a certain topics on the mobile can add a new dimension at the interaction? I need to find an activity that can be performed on the mobile without hardware upgrades and which has an added value with the location. The context add multiple dimension into the communication. I need to select some of these dimensions and define a practical context in which these can be helped by mobile technology. We can also envision other 2 dimensions: (1) a reputation system which regulates the ad-hocracy of the network; (2) multiple inputs to the map creation: interaction, task specific information, special information (i.e. solved task; mental abilities (quantitative/qualitative)).
The project I am going to redesign should include three dimensions: (a) mobile technologies; (b) Collaborative Learning; (c) location-awareness. What is collaborative learning? What differentiate collaborative learning from individual learning? Why mobile? (pervasive learning?) Which dimension is brought by position? What does it change in learning when you know WHERE you are? What are the learning activities a person usually does in group? What are the activities which requires to understand things related to location information?

Collaborative means a group of people. If those people are dealing with things related to location means that they are dispersed through a certain amount of space, usually the city. They acquire the location plus a certain information and they use this information to elaborate part of the task. Then they can share this bit of information with the remaining part of the group, assembling, constructing a piece of knowledge.

Position is related to a form of learning in the real domain. We can make a correlation between the physical position and the position into a virtual domain. We can envision social games with learning goals or either we can propose some notion of the learning theory that can be explored only through position of through learning. Eventually we can develop a framework for position games.

—centralised mindset. Exploring cellular automata through using mobile technologies. each participant may develop a script for gathering and analyse the outcomes sharing with the groups.—


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