TeamFrames second questionnaire construction

We have recently brainstormed about the construction of the second questionnaire for TF. We mainly discussed about the methodology concerning TF. First of all what we want to take out of this project is how a technological interface can support the group management in the epfl population.
Therefore we need to define some categories and caracterise them with a certain usage style of the internet site. Secondarily we want to show that is possible to predict that a person belong to a certain category looking at the usage pattern of the site.

From the methodological point of view we also discussed the way of achieving this goal. We started defining the three group of students through the analysis of the first questionnaire. The next step is to design the second questionnaire in a way to proof that the categories of the first are correct.

A second perspective suggested by Patrick is to build other questions starting from scratch. After we can again create some profiles and make a comparison between the profiles of Q1 and those of Q2.

In conclusion is that the following step is to find contextualised questions concerning situations which really happened or in hypothetical situations. We need to define a couple of events with some example of behavior which distinguish between the different profiles we have in mind.

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