A web server running on a mobile phone

I finally join the wave started on the smart mob world and catch promptly by Nicolas and Fabien on the great advantages of having a web server running on a mobile phone. Why is this step so important for an ecology of the internet of things:

Providing access to a mobile phone from the Internet is not straightforward, as operators typically employ firewalls that prevent access from the Internet to phones inside that firewall. By implementing a custom gateway we could circumvent that limitation and we are now able to provide a webserver on a mobile phone with a global URL than can be accessed from any browser. In a sense, the mobile phone has now finally become a full member of the Internet.

It is clear that with this ‘little’ step a mobile phone becomes an ubiquitous ‘transductor’ from the bits world  to the atom world, a connection that was missing so far. We can already imagine lots of different geek application (aka ‘find my shoes’). Now, let’s start thinking for real on what to do with this technology which will not make my grandmother say “and then what?”.

Besides, any example out there yet on how to make an ‘hello world’?

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