CampusBeacon: ePosters to replace the paper bulletin boards

CampusBeacon is a startup of MIT building a site for campus communities. They intend to replace bulletin boards across campus and become the information center for students, faculty, etc. The website features a service called ePosters, intended to be a “myspace” for campus events and an information page for organizations both within and outside of the university.

They are interested in learning more about how you, as a potential user of ePosters, could benefit from advertising online through our service. You can take a look at a preview of ePosters. They are posing some questions to refine their service:

1. How do you advertise your events/functions on campus?

2. Do you face any difficulties advertising through your standard means (posters etc.)?

3. Do ePosters and its services seem helpful to your organization’s advertising efforts on the campus?

4. If so, how much would your organization be willing to pay for such services?

I would be interested in talking more with these guys because some of the functionalities they are designing are relevant also for ShoutSpace.


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