categorie di esplorazione

Reading the blogs about urban planning I tried to cathegorise them in groups according to similar aspect of the text. Finally I have got 5 catagories:
– development: understanding the development of the urban tissue;
– fear: finding the hidden zones of the city is often related to the psychological perception of a certain part of the city, if we perceive a zone as dangerous we will usually avoid it, subsequently, that part will became non-existing;
– change of perception: some readings point in the direction of the cognitive shift we register about a particular part of the city, a hole, for instance, may become an architectural important object in certain contexts;
– interpretation: we tend to give meaning to certain part of the city following the signs we observe the the physical place;
– orientation: we perceive the city as a series of obstacles between us and our goals, hence we can highlight functional problems or features of the urban tissue.

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