Coal, China, and India: A Deadly Combination for Air Pollution?

I found this great portal of the World Watch institute, which is an independent research organization that works for an environmentally sustainable and socially just society by providing compelling, accessible, and fact-based analysis of critical global issues. The portal offers the access to a variety of publications of synthesis of research on environmental facts. Most of the publications are accessible with a small payment to sustain the activity of the institute. I think is a small price for the quality of the information they provide.

Browsing the site I found this article on the coal consumption projections for year 2010:

The rapid growth in coal use in China and India, where pollution controls are minimal, is adding to local and long-distance pollution. More than 80 percent of Chinese cities in a recent World Bank survey had sulfur dioxide or nitrogen dioxide emissions above the World Health Organization’s threshold.

Scientists have concluded that growing up in a city with polluted air is about as harmful to a person’s health as growing up with a parent who smokes. Although air pollution is concentrated in cities, it can move well beyond them: for example, acidic lakes in Scandinavia have been linked to pollution from factories in the United States. The World Bank projected that on average 1.8 million people would die prematurely each year between 2001 and 2020 because of air pollution.

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