Collaboration Scripts

TITLE OF PAPER: Designing of CSCL Environments
PRESENTED BY: Patrick Jermann

DATE: October, 8th, 2004

-K. Makitalo, Institute of Educational Research Finalnd- [1]
Epistemic cooperation scripts in online learning environments: fostering learning by reducing uncertazinty in discourse.

People in online learning courses do not know each other and are unsure how to act in these new learning environment.

An high degree of uncertainty might hinder the participation to communicate.
Specific form of discourse are considered important for learning.
Cooperative scripts provide learners with cooperation scripts that specify and sequence collaborative learning activities (dillenbourg, 2002).

Research questions: what effect doesn an epistemic spript have on the amount of discourse in collaborative learning compared to unscripted collaborative learning?
Hypothesis: The epistemic script increases the amount of discourse.

To test this hypotesis a certain number of people where asked to solve a certain problem with and without following a certain script.

-> Information seeking was reduced by the script.
How people uncertainty influences the task uncertanty?

-I. Kollar, University of Tubingen-
How Internal and External script guide knowledge construction.
Argumentative knowledge construction often appears to be deficient. Inquiry learning as an approach to facilitare argumentative knowledge.

Incomplete arguments: data – claim – warrant 9Toulmin, 1958, McNeil, 2004)
Collaboration scripts (O’Donnell & Dansereau, 2000) as a cognitive approach to facilitate collaborative argumentative construction.

The empirical evidence showed that scripts can be designed to facilitate x, but that also there are very specific cognitive process that have to be taken into account.

Assumption: individuals are holding “internal scripts” (Schank&Abelson, 1977, Shank, 2000)

It is not clear what is the interplay between the internal and the external script. Parrticularly how this interplay affect the acquisition of argumentative knowledge.

Hypothesis: high structured external collaboration script enhances knowledge acquisition.

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