collaborative e-journalism

Yesterday I was reading this nice post by Cyril Fievet on the question if the journalism is compatible with the collaborative informal approach of the wiki.
I found this idea very intriguing, since several months, I have been thinking about building a community portal in which discussing international and local politics with the idea of giving the possibility to the users of the portal to initiate discussions and to comment on each idea.

I believe that there is an enormous potential in having the possibility of discussing openly political ideas, reporting facts and experimenting with the noble art of arguing and argumenting to support an opinion. This kind of training should be the basis for each democratic society.

More and more we assist to the lost of interest in politics by citizenry and the flattening that common people do on the general ideas as expressed by media or mainstream information.

I believe that we need a new way of reformulating our concept of political participation starting from this simple concepts of providing discussion tools to citizens as this idea of Wikinews.

If you agree with this, please vote here in favor of the creation of wikinews project. Some time ago on of my colleagues, developed a project for photojournalism given to local communities.

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