Context software: A prototype platform for contextual mobile application

M. Raento, A. Oulasvirta, R. Petit, and H. Toivonen. Contextphone – a prototyping platform for context-aware mobile applications. IEEE Pervasive Computing, 4(2):51–59, April-June 2005. [url]


The context software is an application for SmartPhone which enable the user to share is context with a list of contacts that are usiong the same application. The application subtly combines all the information available from the user’s interaction with the phone and it connects these information in an intellegible way with the communication intent.

The authors started with the assumption that 50% of the phone calls fails because they do not happen in the best moment. From this assumption, they try to convey all possible contextual information to the contact in the attempt of making a phone call, in order to avoid such misplacement of the phone call.

The paper report the detail of the application design and inform on the different features that are currently monitored by the application.

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