Cross Language Evaluation Forum

The Cross-Language Evaluation Forum (CLEF) supports global digital library applications by (i) developing an infrastructure for the testing, tuning and evaluation of information retrieval systems operating on European languages in both monolingual and cross-language contexts, and (ii) creating test-suites of reusable data which can be employed by system developers for benchmarking purposes.

Through the organisation of system evaluation campaigns, the aim is to create a community of researchers and developers studying the same problems and to facilitate future collaborative initiatives between groups with similar interests. CLEF will also establish strong links, exchanging ideas and sharing results, with similar cross-language evaluation initiatives in the US and Asia, working on other sets of languages. The final goal is to assist and stimulate the development of European cross-language retrieval systems in order to guarantee their competitiveness on the global marketplace.

Their site at the University of Neuchatel contains a great list of resources for natural language processing like stemmers and stop words lists.

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