Cyberguide: a mobile context-aware turist guide

G. D. Abowd, C. G. Atkenson, J. Hong, S. Long, R. Kooper, and M. Pinkerton. Cyberguide: a mobile context-aware tour guide. Wireless Networks, 3(5):421–433, September 1997. [url]


Future computing environments will free the user from the constraints of the desktop. Applications for a mobile environment should take advantage of contextual information, such as position, to offer greater services to the user. In this paper, we present the Cyberguide project, in which we are building prototypes of a mobile context-aware tour guide. Knowledge of the user’s current location, as well as a history of past locations, are used to provide more of the kind of services that we come to expect from a real tour guide. We describe the architecture and features of a variety of Cyberguide prototypes developed for indoor and outdoor use on a number of different hand-held platforms. We also discuss the general research issues that have emerged in our context-aware applications development in a mobile environment.

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