DeDe: Designing and Evaluating a Context-Enhanced Mobile Messaging System

Y. Jung, P. Persson, and J. Blom. Dede: Design and evaluation of a context-enhanced mobile messaging system. In Proceedings of CHI 2005, Portland, Oregon, USA, April 2-7 2005. Association for Computing Machinery. [url]


This paper present the mobile phone messaging system called DeDe, which central feature is to offer a definition of the delivery context for multimedia messages. The starting statement is that people need better suppor for conversational timing. From this need the authors define an application that enable the user to define the delivery context of a certain message. The context is defined either as a certain time of the day or a certain location (defined by the user and tracked with the Cell-ID). Additionally the user can define the context as the proxemics to another user or the activity of making a phone call to a certain user.

The paper also report the results of the field test, documenting in detail the starting research questions and the obtained results. The results showed that the DeDe system was used only when the use could predict in advance the context of delivery basing the inference on the knowledge of the receiver schedule and movements in the city. Otherwise, the main concern expressed was on the reliability of the delivery of the messages.

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