developmental image of the city

Reading Strohecker, Towards a developmental image of the city, i realised that the comprehension of the city can be constructed through cognitive tasks and steps using a finite numbers of elements that Lynch, in the image of the city, identifies with nodes, paths, districts, edges, and landmarks.

The urbanistic key idea I have identified so far can be so summarised:
1. The elements of the city
2. Relation between the aspect of the city and the land market
3. Relation between the aspect of the city and the physical place where the city grows
4. The city as a series of obstacles that people have to deal with while moving through the city
5. The government as planner and incubator of decisions

Is it possible to design a game where the learners have to deal with city elements in a WayMaker style and do so in the physical place to justify the mobility?

What are the activities the urban planner has to do to deal with the key ideas identified above?

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