FlashLite 2.0 is here

Flash Lite 2 is based on the Flash 7 standard for content. This means that content developed in the latest Flash authoring environment can be re-purposed for mobile and consumer electronic devices. It supports loading and parsing of external XML data in Flash content using the same XML handling methods as Flash Player 7.

Flash Lite 2 supports the ability to locally store and retrieve relevant, application-specific information such as preferences, high scores, usernames, etc. This provides a much more robust development environment.

Flash Lite 2 enables dynamic loading of multimedia content such as images, sound and video, based on supported codecs available on the device. This includes loading and handling XML data and SWF content. Flash Lite 2 also provides video support and external multimedia support. This includes in place video as well as image loading (gif jpeg, png w/ transparency) and audio loading.

Flash Lite 2 enables developers to easily create sophisticated vector graphics and animated shapes, at runtime, using ActionScript 2.0.

Flash Lite2 InterfaceFig01 Sm


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