Flickr Geotagged

I know that is kind of late to blog about this but I just wanted to annotate my impression on this new service from Flickr. I like to see the pictures attached to a map. After all, its the subject of my thesis. I think there is a great deal of inference that we can make just by playing with this simple cartographic representation and with pictures.

One of the things that I really would love to have is a camera with a built-in GPS. I know that there are already a couple of models (cfr. sony) out there but their software lacks of the simplicity that will make it appealing to me.

What I would love to have is an hack on my phone so that it can take a picture with the embedded camera, connect with an external bluetooth GPS to take the location, embed this information in the EXIF format of the picture and finally upload the picture to Flickr without bugging me about all these steps …

Maybe I’ll write my own python app at some point.

Flickr Geotagged

(Rome, Italy)

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