GeoNotes Tech Report

[Persson and Fagerberg, 2002] Persson, P. and Fagerberg, P. (2002). Geonotes: a real-use study of a public location-aware community system. Technical Report SICS-T–2002/27-SE, SICS, University of Göteborg, Sweden. Available from:

This paper report on the evaluation of GeoNotes developed in a test with 80 users. An initial question they had was how to find, access and be notified about relevant and timely information at a location with thousand of notes. Their design choice tried to attach meta-data to each message to facilita the retrieval.

In addition, they develop and incorporate another concept called “place-labels” with the intent to leave the user to define their space and connect freely notes with space.

The evaluation showed that in general people used the system for chatting with three main aims: object chat, related to an object or physical aspect of the locale; situation chat, related less to physical object and more to ongoing activities and situations in which several users took part; talk-to-me chat, an urge to chat with others indipendly from time and place.

Their results showed that the triggers of authoring were not primarily physical objects or infrastructure, but rather the ongoing social activities and situations in that physical space.

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