Giles Lane

Giles Lane is the founder of Proboscis and directs the research programme SoMa (social matrices). He is an Associate Research Fellow at the London School of Economics MEDIA@LSE programme, and was Research Fellow in Communication Art & Design at the Royal College of Art (2001-2002). Prior to that he was Writer, Editor & Curator to the Computer Related Design Research Studio at the Royal College of Art where he commissioned and published 5 books for the RCA CRD RESEARCH imprint and curated two exhibition projects: This Appliance Must be Earthed and Click Forward Online Films. Giles was founder and editor of COIL journal of the moving image (1995-2000) and editor of Mapping Perception, a book and CD-ROM accompanying the science-art project. Giles co-authored (with Paul Farrington) Interactive: the internet for graphic designers (Rotovision 2002). Giles has initiated and managed many of Proboscis’ projects including: Mapping Perception, Private Reveries, Public Spaces, Urban Tapestries, Sonic Geographies, DIFFUSION eBooks, COIL and Topologies. He leads Proboscis’ consultancy projects including work for IDEO London, Rotovison, NESTA and the Arts Council of England.