great names are like knots

great names are like knots—they’re woven from the same stringy material as other words, but in their particular arrangement, they catch, become junctions to which new threads arrive, from which other threads depart

Jack Cheng, writer , June 2012

Great article by Jack Cheng on the Slow Web Movement. I particularly liked these quotes:

– And where the Fast Web is built around real-timedness, the Slow Web is built around timeliness.

– But timeliness alone doesn’t make something Slow Web. …Reliable rhythms lead to predictable outcomes, and rhythm is an expression of moderation.

– Fast Web is destination-based. Slow Web is interaction-based

– Behavior change, not growth. Behavior change is about improving the lives of others, scale is about ego. Getting scale after nailing behavior change is easier than nailing behavior change (and thus having a shot at durability) after hitting scale.

– Fast Web is about information. Slow Web is about knowledge.

– Timely not real-time. Rhythm not random. Moderation not excess. Knowledge not information.

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