Happy New Year 2006!: some considerations about blogging and summary of 2005

This is the first post of the new year, which both should summarize the ended year 2005 and set the resolutions for the coming time. First of all I should say that 2005 was a tremendous year for blogging. The thing just boomed see this personal stat:

  • 2002 -> 7 posts
  • 2003 -> 116 posts
  • 2004 -> 333 posts (almost one per day)
  • 2005 -> 539 posts (almost two per day)

Using this tool I achieved two great objectives: first, to have a log of the evolution of my research subject and conclusion; second, the construction of the network of people working on the same subject (I have got 119 comments so far, out of which a dozen were real and good research contacts). A third objective was that of communicating my updated research status to my co-workers that regularly check my blog, and finally the good point was to push me to be less lazy.

I can state with no doubts that blogging and aggregation are now a fundamental tool for research and learning in general. This is obviously a revolution in the internet revolution: the shift of control on content production. Internet 1.0 was a huge showcase. Internet 2.0 is a constantly evolving people-based environment, where ‘fruitors’ are in control of the content.

Some great scenarios are just one simple step ahead: the redefinition of streamline media power of information into a citizen-driven domain. For the new year I would love to see less posts but with better and more original content. What I would love is to reblog less and talk more in detail of my own points of view. May the force be with us in this 2006! Happy blogging!!

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