Hit the street

A number of location-based workshops will take place in and around Delhi before Doors 8. In Nomadic Banquet (led by Debra Solomon, culiblog.org) guests walk or take auto rickshaws from course to course, and discover the city’s street food vendors. The workshop will use Delhi’s existing food systems as a point of departure, the idea being to use locative media to enhance the relationship between vendors and hungry people. Juhuu (Juha Huuskonen, juhuu.nu) will do something on VJ-ing in the city. Usman Haque (haque.co.uk/) runs a workshop on open source architecture. Jan Chipchase will show how Video Diaries might be used in service design. And Christian Nold will conduct locative media experiments. Participation in a workshop is by agreement with the workshop leader concerned, and you have to register for Doors 8 first to be eligible to take part. An equal number of places is available for Indian and international delegates.

[via DoorsOfPerception]

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