How to Sync your contacts on the LG Shine

I have to admit that I am really enjoying using the LG Shine. One thing though is still lacking: I cannot sync the Address book and the iCal appointments on my Mac. The problem is more serious when you need to call somebody and you do not have the number with you …

The unit I received was shipped without the necessary software. However, from the web site, I realized that in the commercial version a Phone Manager (only for Windows) will be included.

While I was waiting for the official launch next week, I tried a couple of things, one of which worked. So, the first thing I tried was to send each vCard individually to the phone using the Bluetooth file exchange utility. While this worked with a Symbian phone, I have got an error message trying to transfer the card to the LG unit. Probably the format is not recognized by the OS.

The thing the worked was to use a synced Symbian phone. From the phone menu is possible to send a contact in the address book via bluetooth to another unit. In this way the Shine recognize the business card and imports it correctly. The backside is that is a manual process that can be extremely tedious if you have dozens of contacts.

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