How to video-log ubiquitous interactions

One of the latest articles in Make Magazine inspired me a logging technique to be used for Ubiquitous computing research. One of the big problem related to recording people interaction is that is very difficult to understand where they are facing and what they are looking at. Some sophisticated solutions include cameras that can be mounted on a person’s glasses.

Recording the scene does not help, especially if the participants are moving around or worse they move across the city!

John Maushammer, in his article, propose an hack to a disposable camcorder so to fit in a rocket. Using the same hack it could be possible to have a cheap video recording unit that could be easily incorporated in the clothes of  the participants, a la SenseCam.

Cvs Camcorder   Sendev Images Sensecam V2-Med

On the left hand-side the CVS Camcorder used in the Make Article. On the right hand-side Microsoft’s SenseCam.

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