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HP invent centre

The first concern of the invent center is to decide what to do in terms of new technologies. So, the crucial aspect is to define what is on the edge of technologies.

Invent center is situated between current trends in technologies and future perspectives.

The work on Government and organisations, FINANCE, TELECOMS MANUFACTURING, airline and travel. They are interested inb strategies which can adapted in both technologies for telecoms and industries and manufacturing.

The goal of this unit is to find business ideas and to turn them into business success.

HP overview_
Head quarters in Palo Alto, CA. 4 billions annual investment in R&D. One fo the recent interests of HP are the Education Services. HP vision spans in the creation of social benefits and improve social life.

Project Classroom 2000 in northern Ireland provides a broadband access at each student. HP participated in this.
HP product which makes image management -> different criteria for filtering and browsing using geographical criteria.

The three questions we ask when making a phone call: 1. where are you?, 2. what time is it?, 3. what’s the weatther like?.
HP Mobile projects

www.education.hp.com -> HP virtual classroom

Ekahau – HP Japan -> Positioning Engine, Learning Centre for visitors which implements the TabletPC.

WEF – World Economic Forum. Davos 2004 -> iPaq as augmented badge for registration, communication, scheduling – managment. The interesting aspect was that the system was designed with online content mixed with offline files. The system contained all hotel information, who/where, etc.

Bentley University (bentley.edu) -> Usage of Teblets in a formal learning environment.

Websign -> join between a GPS and an iPaq. Web signs created transparent links between the physical and the virtual and presents these links to the user as the user moves through the physical space. (www.hpl.hp.com) [project in collaboration with Swatch for integrating a microbrowser in a watch]

MS Portrait -> Mobile video communication (research.micrisoft.com), also for SmartPhone, freely downloadable from the internet site.

Other projects of HP includes vey specific markets needs like hospitalised children, or other markets like Solar Pack which enable the user to bring around a solar panel and enough computation for taking pictures and printing them everywhere.

iPaqs in extremes -> explores the usage of thisw technologies in extreme conditions. Expedition in Siberia 2004 (www.siberia.nu). iPaqs have also been used on the ISS for mobile productivity.

The Digital Paper and Pen is a good opportunity to enhance the digitalisation and processing of written information. (www.logitech.ch)

Many different projects spoan in the domain of Public Safety: Vijas Fire Department -> firefighting with digital mapping; Geotechnical surveys at Hong Kong with GIS; Beijing police; …

Other domains concern healthcare: ECG Machine on an iPaq; iScribe; …

Another domain concern curstomers creations using the same technology: Niao-Ning Securities; Starbucks coffees; Japanes Tourism; Sentieri Vivi at Madonna di Campiglio tourist offering. Personal Shopping Assistant at MIT Media Lab. TD Waterhouse distribuites iPaq Pocket PC to custormers for transactions on the go.

Communication is another field of interest: Disney World, Winter Olimpics, Arizona State, …

The last project presented was Cooltown a vision of a futuristic city where everything is networked and where werables make communication pervasive.

Possible ideas for collaboration:
– student hosting
– looking for innovation-technology
– joint innovation workshop for innovative development
– accessing technology at beta stage (Michel Bernard?)
– Special price for laptops
– Arnaud Pierson: creative financing -> MapTribe
– Learning Centre: how to collaborate?
-> STRATA New building of MIT
-> HP advanced product division (research on tangibles)
– Project for developing countries

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