iMapFan: a GPS Map Chat

This is one of those iMode services that emerges from the FOMA ecology. We are not going to see it soon in Europe. The concept behind is really interesting. showing your position while you chat enriches each message with contextual information. Then the chat participants can phrase their messages in a different way. They do not have to specify lots of details as these are already encoded by the availability of their position.

“iMapFan” is a map service for imode which offers a range of services including a map-based search, car navigation and “I’m here!” emails. Today they launched a new service, “Map Messenger” – a map-based GPS chat application.

Members of the chat are displayed on the map with according to their GPS location and the application has three modes – centre on yourself, centre on the other parties or an automatic mode which zooms in and out of the map to provide the best view of all chat members. It also has an alert function which vibrates when someone on your buddy list is near.


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