La fée carabine (la fata carabina)

One of the best book I red this summer is Daniel Pennac’s “La fée carabine” (The fairy Gunmother), where he depicts the story of Benjamin Malaussène. He is a professional scapegoat, and his brood of eccentric siblings, a very smelly epileptic dog and a gang of adopted grandads who he and his family are trying to wean off smack. Like all crime novels, nasty things happen to people ( a nazi cop gets his face blown off by a little old lady; a serial killer is going around cutting throats) but the main theme of the book is that people are all right really.

One of my favorite quote is this one:

Io che sono piuttosto loquace amo parlare del silenzio. Quando il vero silenzio cala là dove uno non se lo aspetta, si sente che l’uomo riconsidera l’uomo da capo a piedi, ed è bello.


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