Last in class

A couple of days ago, I received a message on the MIT mailing list. Some journalists are making a documentary film about people who finished “last in class” and the lives they have lived since. I found it extremely interesting as many people that drop out of formal education end up doing great things as well. This is because, I think, each person has different cognitive abilities and ways of acquiring knowledge (a.k.a., learning).

For instance, I think I have good mathematical skills, however, I failed two times the calculous course during my first year in the physics program. I was working hard but my brain just refused to see things as the teacher was pushing me to see.

Anyway, they are still looking for people that fit the bill. If you know somebody that might help just pass the call.

Everyone remembers the college valedictorian, but what about the students who ranked last in the class?

I know what it’s like to be near the bottom (notice the C+ in Archery) and I can tell you that hanging on for dear life is every bit as challenging as finishing first.

Join us as we explore the lives of people not originally destined for greatness. We’re seeking those who finished at – or very near – the bottom of their classes. Was that ranking an indicator of things to come or was it an aberration? I know my story, but what about the others? With your help, we can uncover the secrets to finishing last and learn what they tell us about the future.


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