I found a nice quote via Mathemagenic:

To the extent that a person becomes aware of his or her processes of construction and takes control of them that person acquires self-organisation in learning.

I like it a lot because it reflect the active nature of learning and the key fact that each person has to deal with a self reflection on his methods and processed of acquiring knowledge. This also made me think about the reason why I started using this blog as a way to reflect on my reasoning processes. I would argue that the main reasons why I use this blog are the following:
1- it keep tracks of my thoughts;
2- I can search through my notes;
3- it force me to write down what I think;
4- it force me to be intelligible because others have to read it;
5- it helps me to build the definitions of the terminology I am using;
6- I can see the evolution of my thoughts;
7- it force me to write at least one post per day;
8- it enables me to share my thoughts with others;
9- I can receive comments on what I am doing;
10- …

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