Microworlds based on linear equation systems

J. Funke. The cognitive psychology of knowledge: The German Wissenspsychologie project., chapter Microworlds based on linear equation systems: A new approach to complex problem solving and experimental results, pages 313–330. Elsevier, Amsterdam, 1993. [url]


This article describe the DYNAMIS approach for computer-simulated scenarios. The author describe the cognitive problems of users dealing with simulations:

1. the complexity of the situation;

2. the connectivity of the variables involved;

3. the intrasparency of the situations;

4. the dinamic development of the variables:

5. the presence of multiple goals.

The author also propose some principle that can help when dealing with such systems:

1. it should be always possible to define the quality of a solution by comparing it with an optimal solution strategy;

2. the situation should realise the features of complex problems as described above.

The paper also offer a good view of an experimental setup for dealing with simulations.

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