MySync: a Mac to Mac syncing utility without a .Mac

I found this nice application that allows to syncronise bookmarks, calendars, contacts, keychain, and mail between two or more Mac without buying an annoying .Mac account. Once MySync is installed on each computer to be synced, one copy of MySync needs to be configured as a “Master” node. The remaining copies should be configured as “Slave” nodes.

Once configured, the MySync nodes will automatically discover each other using Bonjour.

You will also need to enable syncing for the datatypes that you want to sync, and to run your first Sync manually; Apple’s Sync Framework will present a dialog on the first sync, asking you to confirm that MySync should be allowed to sync the specified data types. After your first sync, you can configure each MySync Slave node to sync automatically on a quarter hourly, hourly, daily, or weekly basis, or leave syncing to be activated manually.


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