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This week I bought a copy of the Courrier International (N. 842-843, pp.54-57, 21st december 2006), a French Magazine which propose a selection of international articles translated. I was attracted by this article “Jamais sans mon mobile”. The original article published in AERA (Asahi Shimbun Extra Report and Analysis) is from ITAMI Kazuhiro (text) and TAKAI Masahiko (photos).

The authors made up an interestingly rich scenario, a day in life of this Ichiro Aera, where his mobile is the remote control of his life. The funny part is that the story looks extremely futuristic for Europeans but all the described technologies are already there: we are only missing some links and the market attention. In synthesis the mayor integrations of the mobile to the current technologies are seen in the following:

  1. Payment methods;
  2. Personal/pedestrian navigation;
  3. Mobile office;
  4. Personal entertainment (TNT media);
  5. Internet of things connector;
  6. Annotations sharing


I liked the article as we are always looking for nice scenarios. 🙂

Aera Courrierinternational

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