On Using Conceptual Modeling for Ontologies

S. Spaccapietra, C. Parent, N. Cullot, and C. Vangenot. On using conceptual modeling for ontologies. In Proceedings of the International Workshop on the Intelligent Networked and Mobile Systems, Ontologies for Networked Systems (ONS) track, located at the 5th International Conference in Web Information System Engineering WISE04, Brisbane, Australia, 22nd-24th of November 2004. [url]


This paper offer a new approach for using Conceptual Modeling in ontologies instead of simple Description Logic. The idea is to use the Extended Entity-Relationship (EER) models, which are seen as offering the richest semantic expressiveness. This technique is seen as an advantage for humans and for Agents as well, because they can explore a conceptual schema without going trough a long list of DL axioms.

An interesting research direction for the data structures is said to be the spatio-temporal extension of DL languages.

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