One is not enough: Multiple views in a media space

Gaver, W., Sellen, A. J., Heath, C., and Luff, P. One is not enough: Multiple views in a media space. In Proceedings of INTERCHI’93 (Amsterdam, The Nederlands, April 24-29 1993), ACM Press, pp. 335–341. [pdf]


The paper presents an interesting approach of using multiple cameras in a media space. The conducted ethnographical observations to understand how people switchend and why among multiple cameras. Their system allowed to focus the view on the shared workspace, looking at the settings of the remote collaborator’s office and the like. However, these view resulted of a minimal importance to the task. Even the face-to-face view was not used intensively.

Additionally, the authors found two big limitations of the system that impeded an efficient use towards a furniture arrangement task. First, a collaborator could not point on objects of the shared workspace. Second, a collaborator could not attract the attention (e.g., the view) of the other collaborator.

Gaver Mtvsetup

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