Another possible application for participatory simulation that will justify the location element, may be an activity in which the participants have to learn how to displace themselves into the physical space (i.e. fire alarm simulation or emergency simulations).

Revised possible scenarios are: [Research Theme: Movement as Collaboration Design Element]
(1) participatory simulations: using physical location as input into a virtual world running on the computational devices of the participants. This can be used in a collective simulation and for learning through position games;

(2) data logging / extended notepad: using the mobile as an extended notepad to record data to be used into a virtual world and vice-versa from the virtual world to bring data out into the physical side for supporting something.

(3) group movement awareness: using location technology we can support sport, dance, or every group interaction which requires spatial coordination.

How does this differ form Nicolas’ research interest?:
This project aims to study the socio-cognitive roles of space in collaborative teams using mobile technologies. Spatial awareness is indeed a crux issue in CSCW/CSCL : space supports several collaborative processes like grounding, division of labor or coordination for instance. We would like to investigate the effects of geolocation from a cognitive point of view in the context of collaboration among small-scale teams. Furthermore, We wonder whether space would actually influence the collaborative process among peers involved in a joint activity. We plan to design a system that can support spatial awareness and test it on small-scale groups. Experimental studies will be conducted in order to study the cogntive impacts of those tools.

Meeting with Nicolas_
Nicolas framework is based on the Spatial Coordination of people during Joint Activities. Particularly he is interested in seeing what is the impact of Spatial Awareness on cognitive activities involved in Joint Activities. Concerning my proposal we can describe mobility as local (micro-mobility) or geographical (macro-mobility). We need to define examples of joint activities taken from the real world like Dance or Synchronised Swim (micromobility), or team coordination in a macro level. What is coordination?

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