Paul Virilio and Velocity

Recently I have been interested in Paul Virilio’s work about velocity, about criticizing technological progress and the globalisation. One of the idea that was striking me is that of the loss of perspective. Virilio says that because of the velocity at which we move and communicate we lack of the perspective that was proper of previous ages. Here the term perspective it is not just in the physical meaning but it is intended in a more broad sense: historical, anthropological, economical, etc.

‘Velocity’ is the key word of his thinking, the post-modernity treasure, and the modern society capital. Reality is no longer defined by time and space, but in a virtual world, in which technology allows the existence of the paradox of being everywhere at the same time and being nowhere at all. The loss of the site/city/nation in favour of globalisation implies also the loss of rights and of democracy that is contrary to the immediate and instantaneous nature of information. McLuhan’s global village is nothing but a ‘World Ghetto’.

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