Piggy Bank: a semantic purifier plugin

Piggy Bank is an extension to the Firefox web browser that turns it into a “Semantic Web browser”, letting you make use of existing information on the Web in more useful and flexible ways. Suppose the following scenario:

You’re meeting up with a friend for lunch before working together on a business plan. You’d like to locate a restaurant serving some particular cuisine that’s close to a coffee shop of your favorite chain that you know offers free wireless service. Unfortunately, although you can locate restaurants by cuisine using one web site and coffee shops in another, there is no single web site by which you can map both restaurants and coffee shops of your favorite chain together.

What can I do with Peggy Bank:

• Combine information from several web sites and browse it all together:

• Browse and search through an existing web site in better ways than the site allows you to.

• Save information you have found on the Web, not as bookmarks but as full “database” records that can later be sorted and searched by any attribute they carry.

• Tag each item you save with several relevant keywords rather than filing it into one single bookmark folder.

• Share the information you have saved by publishing it onto a Semantic Bank with just one mouse-click.

• Do all that, and more, right inside your current, familiar Web browser.


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