Podzinger: a podcast search tool

Podcasts are rapidly emerging as a popular on-line audio publishing vehicle.  But trying to find podcasts that are of interest to us is reminiscent of the early days of the internet.  Instead of using general search techniques, sites attempted to organize all the content on the internet into categories.  The diversity of the available content became too cumbersome for mere categorization to be an effective means for people to find what they wanted.  Search evolved to where it is today, that is, to look inside websites quickly for words and phrases.

Podcasts have been subjected to the same primitive search through categorization … until now.  PODZINGER looks inside podcasts, not just the metadata, letting you search podcasts in the same way that you search for anything else on the web.

When you type in a word or terms, PODZINGER not only finds the relevant podcasts, but also highlights the segment of the audio in which they occurred. By clicking anywhere on the results, the audio will begin to play just where you clicked.  There are also controls that let you back up, pause, or forward through the podcast.  Or you can download the entire podcast.



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