relevance of joint actions

Nice meeting with Stefano Mastrogiacomo and Francesco Cara on our research activities. Some interesting ideas emerged from the interaction: trying to find the relevance of joint actions. In the activity theory, a joint action is a task that can exist only if 2 persons or more do it togheter (what we call collaboration). To be distinguished from participatory actions where people split and then they join the single parts (what we call cooperation).

Stefano argued that at activity level the processes acted by agents follows a problem solving strategy (according to activity theory). I am not sure that this is true in all cases but anyway I found this supporting our claims that we cannot looking into this level of abstraction with the markers used to describe the language level (action level in the activity theory).

The conclusion was that we need to look for different markers that can take into account of a more complex interaction, if it is possible …

What I need to enquiry further is that if there are some mechanisms pre defined for the problem solving activity and how these relate to the lower level interaction (speech, action).

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