Resolution of local uncertainty

When I was doing my summer readings at Microsoft I came across a nice reference:

“Human actors routinely solve both the frame problem and the due process problem. They do so in a variety of ways, as noted both in the social science literature and in the frame problem literature, and in  variably democratic ways.

We analyzed issues that arose in the context of artificial intelligence research by looking at how human communities resolved them. These included issues such as due process [Gerson 1987], …, resolution of local uncertainty into global certainty [Star 1983], …”

The quote was taken from S. L. Star.  Distributed Artificial Intelligence, Vol. 2. Chapter The structure of ill-structured solutions: Bounday objects and heterogeneous distributed problem solving. Morgan Kaufman Publishers, pag. 37-54, 1989.

The quote refers to S. L. Star, Simplification of Scientific Work: An Example from Neuroscience Research. Social Studies of Science, Vol. 13, pp. 205-228, 1983.

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