Review of Nico’s report n. 2

One of the core concept of this document is that “place is space with meanings” (like per Erickson definition 1993), meanings that place affords kind of activity.

This reflect on my idea that people superimpose meanings to space, creating a net of values of the places they inhabit. Most of the processed by which this happen are unconscious, hidden in the psychology of the person. Other process are proper of his/her social interaction. In fact, we found ourselves often giving a meaning of a certain place because of the relation that that place has with another person. So finally, the meaning attached to a certain place is a the centre of a “triads” which is constituted by us, our peers and the space we came in contact with.

What are the cognitive processes by which this happens in details? Also, how these processes connected with the “spatial assumption” we usually do?

The author, Nico, resumes the state of the art in terms of projects which develops around this concept of “spatial awareness”. As far as he knows, it seems that there is a lack of attention of these collaborative process of opinion forming and development.