Self brainstorming: spatial cognition

I started reading concepts around my new research domain. The shift I have to operate concentrate on the keywords cognitive psychology, space, developmental psychology. Mixing these keywords I came to: the development of spatial cognition. The angle of this research field is still the individual psychology. Maybe a more focused angle would be the distributed cognition of the development of spatial cognition. Particularly, for not overlapping with Nicolas, I can focus on the Mental Representation forming, or the concept formation of place.

What I need to find is a good handbook of cognitive science, in general, and particularly of spatial cognition. Then I need to read a lot around the concept to start forming a schema of the mayor research fields. From there I have to pick up a concept and read all the “burning” papers about it. From there I have to form my research questions and develop my experimental setting to build hypotheses, and a framework to verify them.

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