Simplifying the management of large photo collections

A. Girgensohn, J. Adcock, M. Cooper, J. Foote, and L. Wilcox. Simplifying the management of large photo collections. In Proceedings of INTERACT’03, pages 196–203. IOS Press, 2003. [PDF]


This paper contains useful references on the fact that event segmentation of pictures was observed to be a valid criterion for organizing pictures The paper reports an algorithm that was compared with those of Graham at al. (2002), Platt et al. (2002), and Loui and Savakis (2000).

With digital still cameras, users can easily collect thousands of photos. Our goal is to make organizing and browsing photos simple and quick, while retaining scalability to large collections. To that end, we created a photo management application concentrating on areas that improve the overall experience without neglecting the mundane components of such an application. Our application automatically divides photos into meaningful events such as birthdays or trips. Several user interaction mechanisms enhance the user experience when organizing photos. Our application combines a light table for showing thumbnails of the entire photo collection with a tree view that supports navigating, sorting, and filtering photos by categories such as dates, events, people, and locations. A calendar view visualizes photos over time and allows for the quick assignment of dates to scanned photos. We fine-tuned our application by using it with large personal photo collections provided by several users.

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