Social Disclosure of Place

I. Smith, S. Consolvo, A. LaMarca, J. Hightower, J. Scott, T. Sohn, J. Hughes, G. Iachello, and G. D. Abowd. Social disclosure of place: From location technology to communication practices. In Proceedings of Pervasive05, Munich, Germany, May, 8-13 2005. Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München. [url]


This article contain the state of the art in the field of social location disclosure. The authors report the design rationale and the study they did to develop the application named Reno, which provides this kind of push-and-pull peer-to-peer location disclosure.

The authors justify in details each design choice in relation with advantages and limitation of thechnology and in connection with the expected user experience.

An interesting part of the paper discuss the implemented Cell tower spotting technique, using which, the users can build themselves a database of the cells locations.

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