Spores: an interesting microworld


Will Wright, the creator of The Sims, and SimCity, presented his latest creation at 2005 DICE Summit : It is called Spores. The interesting idea behind is to enhance the “value to gamers” as he said: people loves to create their content. “Owning” the content in this way means that all the stories that the games creates are much more meaningful.

The fact is that his design, reminded me of “the Nerve Garden“, a public terrarium in the cyberspace, using which, users could develop their own virtual plant and seed it in a virtual islands, … pretty much the same design of the Spores game.

I like a lot simulations, I think they are great tools for learning. These microworlds influenced a lot my past and present work. Additionally, I think that in these kinds of environments, learning and fun can be really intertwined.


The 2D creature editor allows you to add bones, limbs, etc. in whatever configuration you can dream up.

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