Supporting User-driven Personalisation

This is the theme of the presentation of Fabio Sergio at MEX 2005 (Mobile User Experience) – September 6th, London.

Mixedrealitycheck” (2.5 Mb, PDF)


As we look around us inanimate things are slowly coming to life, veneered with layers of digital information. From payments made by touching things to street signs that broadcast messages our belongings are moving from supporting our behaviors to developing their own.

In the brave new world mobile connected devices will be at the center of the convergence of wide-band wireless connectivity, RFID and (A)GPS-enabled applications. They will stop being purely at the receiving end of data streams and become conduits, mustering bits from objects and infusing them into other objects.

How will all of this impact the design of mobile-mediated experiences?

Are we moving towards a world of seamless socio-economical transactions or rather towards a permission-based reality, plagued by constant confirm/cancel requests?

What new scenarios will be driven by these innovations?

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