The first research brick

Copying from Nico: we plan to carry out a short research project about professions that needs location awareness like firemen or people who conduct field studies.

The idea is to discover the social meanings of location awareness. Many questions are to be answered :

– When people need to locate others ?
– Why people need to locate others ?
– How people need to locate others ?
– Which activities require them to locate others ?
– What are the activities they do together which require their co-presence ?
– Is their activity possible without copresence ? Are there parts of the work which does not require co-presence ?
– How frequently do they gather into groups ? and locate each other ?
– How people express location ?
– What’s the context ?
– Where the activities in which location is important are performed ?

The idea is to establish their needs. Understanding people’s activity, their difficulties

Methodology : inteview or storytelling ?

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