The locative commons

M. Tuters. The locative commons: Situating location-based media in urban public space. In Futuresonic 04 proceedings, Manchester, April 27th – May 2nd 2004.

Immanuel Kant (1790): it is not through received norms that we develop ‘judgment’, the critical foundation of cosmopolitan ethics, but in the confrontation of new ideas.

This article contains a bunch of interesting links and quotes which are reported in an unordered manner. The central claim of the article is not clear. However some interesting ideas emerge. One of them is a claim raised by Ben Russell: a collective urban form can potentially emerge from the collective action of essentially selfish actors, coordinated though an intelligent system, perhaps even the basis for a new social contract of selectively accessible self-centered utopias.

Two interesting links are the Open-source architecture by Dennis Kaspori
The superstudio idea, by Peter Lang
Lost dimension, by Paul Virilio